Ten Walls - Live Visuals

Promo video for Ten Walls live A/V tour 2014/15

Visual Stills - Soundwaves | Intro | Ankaris | Plast | Jol | Elephants | Blinds | Nochnoy Dozer

When Ten Walls began to play live his identity was a mystery.
I was tasked with creating a visual show to accompany his music in the live environment
and make live performance a possibility while his identity remained a secret.

Visual Stills - Gotham | Chains & Shackles | Fatality

I VJ’d the show live, to ensure constant synchronicity between the visuals & music.
Initially, visuals were projected onto opaque mesh to disguise Ten Walls identity.
Once his identity was known we moved to using semi transparent screens to continue the theatrical effect.
As the tour evolved, I began to play with super high definition LED walls.

Visual Stills - Epos | Swakop | Requiem | Walking with Elephants

Embracing various visual themes as a direct call and responce reaction to the music and what that made me feel.
The idea was each track would have its own visual aesthetic and identity but would feel like each piece fits together as one complete show.

Promo Video Stills

The visuals were paired to seriously-minimal lighting with a strict colour palette of blood reds, blues & whites only.
Burst shots of atomic strobes were scattered throughout the performance.

Live Photos

Impenetrable and hypnotic. Dark yet beautiful.
A live, sound reactive, abstract surrealism to have fallen in love with.


All Concepts/Artwork & Production/Creative Direction/Editing: Cal Bain

Music: Ten Walls – Walking with Elephants
Direction, Visuals & Editing: Cal Bain

Music: Ten Walls
VJ: Cal Bain

Images: Adam Luszniak, Chris Keenan, Tom Horton