Dreadnought - Live Visuals

Joining musicians Dreadnought was my entry into the world of performance visuals. Embellishing the darkened underground bass music of Jack Dunning (aka Untold) and vocalist Samuel Chase with my illuminated video displays.

Deconstructing and then layering my imagery into a destructive, broken surrealism. Collaging old film stock, juxtaposed & projected against uncontrollable geometric animations. A subdued palette of golds, electric blues, rust reds, pure black & white – performed live & in-sync with the throbbing music.

Teaser video promoting the show we played at Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland at the Teatr Laznia Nowa.

The stage was filled with 3 giant video screens where my visuals were displayed as triptychs. The visual content was spread across each of the 3 screens, displayed individually and also in a mirrored formation. What a sensory feast.

Triptych Visuals Stills

Live Stills


Concepts/Artwork & Production/Creative Direction/Editing: Cal Bain

Music: Dreadnought
Visuals: Cal Bain