Cubicolor - Live Visuals

Live Visuals for Cubicolor. VH1 Supersonic Festival, Pune, India

A collaborative project between myself & illustrator/artist Andreas Brooks. Brooks & I had been wanting to design a project together for some time, Cubicolor gave us the perfect opportunity to do so.

Cubicolor play live as a full band so we wanted to create a visual set which was responsive and reacted in real-time. The way to achieve this was by performing the visuals live as the band played.

Our visual concept was loosely based around an ever-growing cube, coming closer and closer towards the audience and engulfing the LED screens the content is displayed on.

We created animations, used select archive photography & footage – re-edited & manipulated, and used Brooks’ promo artwork (including never before seen pieces) for the band. This content was collaged together by us and then adapted into the twisting, turning and growing three-dimensional cube.

We predominantly used reds, cyans & white colours (with strictly matching stage lighting) contrasting at key moments into kaleidoscopes of color & illustrative patterns.


Concept/Artwork/Production/Creative Direction:
Cal Bain & Andreas Brooks
Video Editing: Cal Bain & Andreas Brooks

Programming/Live VJ: Cal Bain

VH1 Supersonic Festival, Pune, India: Andreas Brooks

Thanks to Aarian, Tim, Peter & Dan Gafry